What is fearless english?

Speaking English nowadays has become a necessity, where ever you go you are expected to speak fluently in English. But speaking English fluently requires a lot of practice and hard work. It also requires time, and time is the luxury which many people cannot afford. Hence, we are trying to fill that gap and help you learn speak English fluently without spending too much time daily. This model is suitable for those people who can speak basic English. 

Why should you join?

If you are someone who is very busy or have a hectic schedule, but you still want to improve your English. Then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


No Commitments

You don't need to commit yourself fully for learning English. You can attend the classes as per your schedule

Remove Stage Fear

You will be given various opportunities to speak in front of people which will definitely remove your stage fear.

Platform to Share

This will be wonderful place for you to learn and share as you will be interacting with many new people.

Performance Analysis

Know about your performance and get personalized recommendation from the tutor. 

Smart Classes

Stay connected with the Institute anytime anywhere with our android application.