Can money buy happiness?

Many people believe that money can buy happiness. But according to me there are a few of us who still believes that everything is not about money. First and foremost, money is a major source for getting happiness in human life, without money it is tough to survive, initially money hold by honest person is more important, than to think how happiness could be bought by money. If the uses of money are precise and method of spending is accurate then absolutely happiness can be fulfilled by money.

However, if an affluence person who has a kind heart and who behave very well with everyone and who know the value of earnings will surely achieve happiness and blessings by exchange of money. For instance, someone who is needs for money for an emergency and an individual fulfill his needs, then the feelings and happiness of that needy person is priceless for him.

On the other hand, in this contemporary era most of the people are living their life in prosperity, but everything is not about money, indeed merely money couldn't buy time, peace of mind and authentic relations like family, friends etc. Most of the relations either want love or time nor money.

At last moments of your life where you couldn't breath properly, then can money help you? Can tremendous amount of savings give you relief at the ending of life? "NO" because that's time only your good deeds or loved one's can gives you the relief.

To conclude, surely money is a focal point of happiness because nothing in this world is free even the air you breathe. Moreover, poverty couldn't buy anything and gives lower life quality.

About the Author:

Hi, I am ABDUL NAVEED, student of LYCEUM ACADEMY, here I am learning IELTS for further studies which I’d like to complete my Master’s in USA. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad city indigos of India. I am a graduate in Bachelor’s of Commerce from Osmania University. I was an Accountant, as well as I’ve also been a Customer Service Agent in AISATS for Sri Lankan Airlines. I am a simple and gregarious person who tries to learn new stuff on daily basis and I hope to continuously evolve as a good human being. I am a very fast learner and persistence in my work. Moreover, my craze involves in exploring things especially hiking in nature, hills and mountains and also I’m an avid cat enthusiast and my focus is also in fitness and I am also a certified trainer. I’d like to become a businessman and venture capitalist and invest my capital in several companies. I always have faith in my abilities and I believe success will come in my way eventually.

Joined Lyceum Academy for IELTS on 30 November, 2020.

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