How communication skills are important?

Updated: Feb 23

Communication is basically a process of interaction with individuals and their environment, good communication plays a vital role while interacting with new people and sharing ideas, beliefs, and receiving some new experiences from the other persons. In this theory I am going to talk about the communication ability that is crucial.

As I said, good communication plays an important role, because it can aid you to build relationships in personal life as well as professional life, for example, in our personal life we meet new relatives, friends and life partners, so we should have the ability to build good relationships with them. However, if you are studying or working, you have to communicate with classmates and teachers to develop connections with them. Whereas if you are working in offices or an organization, there will be a number of different people like colleagues, administrator, clients, secretary and other executives which you have to interact and communicate with a positive attitude, hence it develops authentic bonding with people.

Positivity and honesty are essential for superior bonding with whom you meet and speak at your workplace. If your communication skills are admirable, then people will appreciate and give you respect. mainly in teamwork, planning needs to discuss with group members and acknowledge each other's perspective for solving the complications through the right and effective decision. In organizations, communication is an endless process of giving and receiving information which builds social relationships.

To conclude, communication skills have greatest importance in our life to deal with peoples for sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences and beliefs. Also receiving the new ideas, information, opinions, suggestions and good advice. Thus, the communication ability is important to interact with the people and deal effectively.

About the author:

Hi, my name is SYED AHMED ALI, I’m 23 years old and was born in Hyderabad, I have completed my graduation from Osmania university in the year 2020. Next, i decided to pursue further studies in the USA, to join in this fastest developing world. I have a genuine intent to acquire knowledge and useful things from people as well as my personal experiences to get inspired with them, which really benefits me by implementing in my life. Moreover, I am interested in watching movies, listening to Hindi songs and travelling to new places for enjoyment and also to get new ideas, thoughts and inspirations. I believe in hard work instead of expecting from luck, by working hard the confidence and positivity level will increase. Most importantly about my future goal, is wanting to start a business when I am financially independent and stable. Mainly my vision is to get highly successful within a decade.

Joined Lyceum Academy on 11th February 2021, for IELTS.

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