Is accent necessary in English?

Although many would argue that an accent is the most essential attribute of English, I think conversational pace has a far greater impact than an accent.

First and foremost, sometimes some people may feel out of place or even embarrassed because of different accents while speaking in English. Some individuals may feel like they will not get the deserved attention due to this. This however is a completely wrong way of thinking. From my perspective, maintaining an accent has more disadvantages than advantages. The facts prove that pronunciation is absolutely necessary when it comes to learning how to speak in English.

The individual who wants to understand the new language, there is a need to make sure that people around get what is being said. But this does not imply that the accent needs to be native. People with accents are mostly conscious when they speak, it is not easy to maintain the level of concentration when speaking instead may lose thoughts actually by maintaining the accents. Concentrating unnecessarily on what the accent sounds like can ruin the entire conversation. What matters is the power and clarity in the words. So, an opinion to get natural to the language is to speak slowly, stretching out the vowels and controlling the conversational pace can actually help out, speaking too fast may be hard to follow an accent. Consequently, it is extremely important to maintain the pauses between the words to make them understandable enough.

Furthermore, having a natural accent proves more advantageous, it helps you to get your own identity, to stand out from the rest. It can break the ice and make the conversation all the more interesting. Having a different accent can encourage the individual to stand out and think differently. This can give birth to new ideas, most people with natural accents are found to be independent and individualistic. These are great attributes for being an entrepreneur. It helps you stand out among the crowd, if used correctly can gain the place. Not only that, an accent helps stress on what you speak like tuning correct rhythm annotation.

Taking everything into consideration, speaking an English in natural accent is one way to keep the language dynamic and alive. It can be attractive and set you apart.

It is therefore essential that you focus on what you are trying to say. It helps put your point on the table strong for the people to notice. The accent adds up to the effort, be confident, and never look back.

About the author:

Hi, I am Syed Shafeeq. I am enthusiastic about mobile, internet services and the good and bad of technologies. I’ve been a software Engineer for the past six years for brands like Smartron, Huawei and Ericsson, but I’ve loved technology my whole life. I’ve also been lucky enough to work for the semiconductor Giant “ Qualcomm'' during my work tenure where I managed the Top Gear Qualcomm snapdragon chipsets and worked on countless other chipsets including MediaTek. Besides these, I’ve passion for wildlife observation includes Birdwatching, recreational activity of birds and listening to bird sounds, and travelling, and exploring other parts of the globe.

Joined Lyceum Academy on 26 Nov 2020, for IELTS.

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